In case that we do not have your medicine on stock we order it and it will be delivered within a few hours. Of course, we can also order products from other countries; we receive them generally within 1-2 working days.


Send us your order and you can collect it easily at you next visit. If you have, questions please feel free to send them through our contact form on the website, or we can discuss them at your visit when picking up your order. We are at your service with qualified consulting and advices.

Bestellung senden

The best thing is: you order your desired products in advance and these are within a very short time at our pharmacy ready to pick up. We also take care of your questions and requests and advise you in detail when picking up the goods at our pharmacy shop.


Pharmaceuticals can also be ordered from abroad for you and are available within 1 - 2 working days.


You are looking in the product range for over-the-counter medicines, food supplements and cosmetic products. Discover what your pharmacy has in store for you!


Order from home and pick it up at your local pharmacy. Whether prescription-free drugs, TCM formulations or our own products, we ship throughout Austria. Orders over an value of € 100 will be delivered for free.

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