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Genetic metabolic analysis

Individual weight loss according to the latest research findings
Do you, like so many of us, have problems with weight again and again? Even the X-th diet has not led to the desired goal? Don’t blame yourself because of alleged weakness of will

Every person is different and this of course also applies to the organism of each individual. A diet that is made by thousands may happen to work for a few people.

Because the diet is good, the discipline fits and especially because the genetic metabolism responds to this diet. That’s why it makes sense to have a genetic metabolic analysis done.

What is a metabolic analysis?
A metabolic analysis shows how your body works and what type of metabolism you are. Based on the result of such a test, one can make and adjust the diet and other health-promoting measures according to the analysis, so that one’s own body does not become a stumbling block for the weight loss efforts.

Procedure and purpose of genetic metabolism – analysis
In a genetic metabolic analysis, human DNA is analysed with regard to the metabolic genes.

For this purpose, a cheek mucous membrane smear is taken to obtain the necessary DNA material. Later, the sample taken is then analysed in the high-tech laboratory.

After the evaluation of the genetic metabolic analysis, individual statements can be made about the metabolism. The primary goal is to identify which nutrients, i.e. protein, carbohydrates or fats, the body can process best. In this way, the diet can be changed so that it is based primarily on nutrients that are easier to metabolize. The effect: The body gets what it can better utilize.

In addition, you can also determine the accompanying fitness measure. Because this way the fat depots are forced to surrender and are reduced. The fitness programme is either geared towards burning fat, consuming carbohydrates or converting protein into muscle mass.

An analysis is particularly useful because people’s genetic dispositions are different. With the specific result of a genetic metabolic analysis, individual sport and nutritional recommendations can be made. This enables a fast, healthy and above all a sustainable weight loss for the personal body type.

Costs of the Genetic Metabolism Analysis
The Genetic Metabolism Analysis currently costs 396.00 Euros, including consultation and further support. </Where can I have it done? A genetic metabolic analysis can be done in special institutes which are classified to carry out such a test, e.g. in the pharmacy at the Naschmarkt. There, mucosal cells are taken from the saliva with a cotton swab. After the DNA analysis in the high-tech laboratory, a nutrition and sports programme is worked out.

Should one do a metabolic analysis?
Principle: YES! Many diets follow the same pattern: you reduce your food intake, perhaps making the portions smaller and less frequent, and then you are happy that after a few days you will already have lost 2-3 kilos.

Suddenly, however, you reach the point where, for weeks on end, the scales always show the same result. This is frustrating, of course.

The solution is genetic metabolic analysis. This is the only way to find out what you should eat and how much of it, and then to draw up a sensible diet and fitness plan.